Cloud Infrastructure Security
for Engineers

Embed security and best practices into your CI/CD pipeline for
better, more secure infrastructure.

Reactive cloud security is focused on the symptom and not the problem. CoreoCloud provides pro-active cloud governance by enabling engineers to fix issues at the source.

Security, Best Practices, and More
CoreoCloud is an automated checking engine that inspects your cloud infrastructure and reports risks or policy violations. Use our out of the box best practice and security checks or customize your own for full control over your cloud.

Insights at Deploy Time
It’s easy to secure your cloud at deploy time. CoreoCloud provides immediate feedback to the developer responsible, so they can fix issues at the source. Feedback is delivered inline, in the console, and only pertains to the cloud objects that are being created or modified.

No Change to Your Existing CI/CD Process
CoreoCloud integrates with the tools you’re already using, like the AWS CLI, CloudFormation, Terraform, and Jenkins. Install the Coreo proxy or the Coreo Jenkins Plugin, and start getting feedback right away.

Cross-Team Visibility
In addition to providing feedback at the source, CoreoCloud provides a top level view of risks and best practice violations across teams, so team managers can see history and trends to quickly spot where things are getting better or worse.

Inheritance and Version Control

Open Source Content

We believe in the importance of sharing tribal knowledge throughout the DevOps community, so all of our rulesets are open source content.

You can browse the CoreoCloud KnowledgeBase to read descriptions of rules you’ll have access to, or explore our GitHub repos to see the rules written in our own, ruby-based DSL.

And since our content is integrated with Git, you can extend, modify, or contribute back rulesets at any time.